FAQ AREA (Frequently Asked Questions) Click the title to see the answer to each question below…

The Catalog auction is the main weekly auction we run that closes on Wednesday nights. These are the items you see on the website off the main page that you can place bids on all week long. The LIVE VIDEO auctions are schedules and broadcasted on the internet with a LIVE VIDEO where we show you the items, discuss them and you can place bids. It is interactive and fun and much like a live auction but from your home or office. Don’t worry your not on video only us! We have some fun, have some laughs and give out some really good deals! Prizes and more.

Yes, They need your USERNAME (The name you log in with – some people use their email address) and your REAL FIRST AND LAST NAME. So that we can verify they have authorization. You do not need to ask us first just make sure the person picking up for you has that information. It helps to pre pay for the items online and book a pickup time roughly around the time they can make it. Were pretty easy going with that it just helps us to know when you anticipate coming so we can make your pickup quicker.

At least once a month someone makes a bid (usually on a cell phone) and they miss the decimal place (and it’s hard to see decimals on cell phones) when this happens the computer will add a decimal to your bid. For instance a bid of 10.00 if you miss the decimal and just enter 1000 will be a 1000.00 proxy bid. If this happens you can open a support ticket and ask us to remove the balance of the proxy however if someone bids against you before we have time to correct this your bid may go higher than you wanted and we will not retract it so in this example if someone came and bid 15.00 the system would be 17.00 for you and we would leave that as the current bid with you winning so please be very careful to ensure the decimal place is in the correct spot or you may end up paying more than you want for an item.

If you bid 100.00 on an item and later have second thoughts we will not reduce the bid so please make sure you use the proxy system wisely and really make sure you want to enter that amount for a proxy bid before placing the bid.


If you BID for someone who has a BANNED ACCOUNT your account will be banned as well.

A consignor has the choice to take back or relist the items if not paid for within the allotted time
Non paying bidder gets suspended from bidding and can no longer place any bids on the site until the account is in good standing

You will be billed 10.00 per lot for late payments even if the consignor takes back the item
You will be billed for the commissions lost 4.00 or 25% whatever is higher even if the consignor takes back the item

You will be billed 2.00 per sq foot per week for storage and any handling fee’s for storing, packing or moving your items even if the consignor takes back the item
A security deposit or credit card may be required with permission to automatically bill for all winning auctions on accounts that are frequently late. Remember credit cards require a 6% buyers premium paid


You can also NOT get a friend, family or employ someone to do this either. That is a SHILL BID and if caught (and we will catch you) you will loose your items and any sales from those items. You will also not be welcome to consign with us again. If you wish to sell your items with a reserve price sell it yourself on many of the local classified ad sites or papers. If you wish to sell it with us then it is to be offered at no reserve, no shill bidding or tampering. With that said you can also NOT pick up one of your own items for “someone else”.

Auction lots typically start to close at 8pm EST, First lot closes at 8pm and one closes every 30 seconds after that. Softclose listings get bumped 2 minutes so at times more then one auction is closing at the same time due to the softclose. Many bidders log in and make bids during the close of the auction, the server is very busy at that time and pages will load a little slower. We suggest getting your bids in early and using a proxy bid but please feel free to log in at the end of the auction to keep an eye on your items and to sneak in any last minute bids. It does get exciting at the end with everyone bidding.

MSRP: If a value is mentioned on a listing please do not assume this is the best price you can find this item for anywhere in the world! Yes, Some people seam to think that. With new products if a price is mentioned it is usually the going rate taken from either another auctions site, a popular online retailer, a MSRP or a estimated value. Used items may indicate the item was originally purchased for a value, this does not mean it currently holds that value. Some things go up in price and some go down. If it says the price is 100.00 and you find it online for 60.00 then we suggest you stop bidding at 58.00 (or keep bidding we don’t mind!) just do your homework before bidding as once that bid is placed we WILL NOT retract it cause you found it cheaper somewhere else.

ESTIMATE PRICE: This is a opinion from either a consignor or the auction staff as to the estimated value of the item.  This does not mean you can not find it on sale somewhere else or it has sold in the past for more or less this is just an opinion.

Here are some troubleshooting tips…

If it says you must register to bid and you have already been approved?
-Chance are you have not logged in or got logged out.
If the window does not open or show probably
-You may have JAVASCRIPT turned off. The easiest fix is to download a better browser. Many people use the default web browsers (Internet Explorer or Safari). You may want to download firefox web browser
-it’s free and will have java turned on for you by default (works with both mac and pc as well). Another alternative is google’s Chrome browser

If you are using a cell phone (especially one with a small screen) it may not be 100% compatible with the site. The bid window is too large for some devices. Tablets and personal computers work great!

If the POP UP bidder window is not fully visible your screen resolution is large or you have the disability option for enhanced or large text running.

-To fix this hold down your CTRL button and click the MINUS (-) sign a few times. This will force the screen to shrink to fit on your page.

Further issues see below under (KNOWN TECHNICAL ISSUES)

We charge HST on almost everything.

The only items we do not charge tax on is PURE BULLION (.999 or .9999) precious metals such as GOLD, SILVER or PLATINUM bars or coins.

These items are tax exempt under provincial and federal tax laws. Everything else has 13% HST. Our system does not allow us to enter tax exemption status card numbers but our HST number is on every invoice and if you have a status card with a exemption from tax you can use our invoice to claim the HST back. Sorry but we have no way to process this at this time.

We are also not set up for first nations tax exemption cards. All invoices are issued with HST due and our HST number is on all invoices. If you have a status card you will need to file the tax exemption receipt and the government will issue you the tax credit.

WE DO NOT USE BOTS!Consignment auctions like ours have no reason to use a BOT. Any real auction house that takes consignments will not even consider a BOT. New product auctions such as penny auctions are the ONLY auction sites that we know of that use these bots and this is public knowledge as an ex employee of one of the big penny auctions spilled the beans just like the dating sites using bots was exposed to the world.

What is a BOT?

A BOT also known as web robot, is a software application that runs automated tasks (Artificial Intelligence) typically pretending to be a HUMAN. Bots perform tasks that are both simple and structurally repetitive, at a much higher rate than would be possible for a human alone. Search engines use BOTS to index websites, many Dating sites us bots to pretend to be ladies responding to guys so the guys pay for memberships, etc… etc… lots of applications for bots but they are complex and very expensive to create and only the top programmers can make good AI bots and they don’t come cheap.

Why do penny auctions use bots you ask??
They own ALL the items (or) they are drop shipping items. These fake auction sites give you the illusion you are getting a great deal but if you do not reach the MINIMUM bid then a BOT purchases the item pretending to be a real buyer and the item just gets relisted and put through again and again till it sells for the minimum retail they company is after to turn a profit. Some of these sites even charge customers for each bid placed so they are very unethical.

Bots would not work on a consignment auction unless you allowed your customers to set reserves and have the bots bidding up the lots till the reserves were met (some live auctions have ghost bidders or plants in the audience placing bids so I could see why someone would wonder if online auctions did this). We DO NOT and it would only be a matter of time before a consignor spilled the beans and everyone would know that we allowed consignors to bid up items or set reserves. We assure everyone that WE DO NOT ALLOW THIS. Sure someone’s friend could make an account and place bids without anyone ever knowing but what if that person’s friend ends up being the winning bidder? It could happen, in fact we have caught people doing it and banned them for it but we do NOT allow it.

If you sell anything with us you know very well we DO NOT allow this. Your items start at 5.00 with NO RESERVES (unless the item is a bank not, coins, stamps or a Vehicle and we have allowed a face value or higher start price on that item – not a hidden reserve)

It is ridiculous to accuse us of running BOTS. We run an HONEST business, we promote the site as best we can for our consignors and we get fair market value for the items. If an item sells too cheap… oh well the bidder gets a great deal and something in the same auction will probably perform better then we expected and compensate for the under valued item… that is how an auction should be!

After Aug 2020:

A 15% buyers premium starting Aug 1st 2020 will be implemented. 

No, sorry at this time we do not offer any shipping options from the damgooddeals auction site. All items are to be picked up in person.

You have 3 days to pick up your items (Thursday, Friday and Saturday by 3pm). If you for some reason can not pick them up we will store smaller items for you for 1 additional week free as long as you PAY for your items on time. We DO NOT store furniture, bulk lots or pallets so large items will have a very LARGE storage fee or disposal fee if not picked up by Saturday.

Large bulky items should be picked up and never stored.  If we have the room you will be invoiced a minimum 25.00/week for anything the size or a chair or larger and any offsite auctions we never store anything so this is also never an option.  Most larger furniture (dressers, tables, cabinets, etc) are not to be stored and must be picked up by the end of the auction pickup for that week. Large items left will be considered abandoned and disposal fees will need to be paid. Disposal fees start at 40.00 per item.

If you purchase a LARGE item such as a appliance or furniture piece or you are unable to lift heavier items you need to bring help with you to load it . Our staff can not assist you in loading items into your vehicle for insurance reasons. We will bring the items to the counter for you but you will need to bring able bodies to assist you in loading your items if needed.

We ask that you Please bring boxes and appropriate wrapping paper with you, we usually have wrapping material (tissue or newsprint) and bags here and sometimes boxes but we do not have enough for everyone. We use our boxes and packing material for shipping items.

We do NOT pack your items for you on pickup. If you require your items to be packed ahead of time a HANDLING fee will apply of 2.00 per lot with a MINIMUM 10.00 FEE same as we charge for shipping. Dishes or glass items you must always pack yourself and no shipping insurance covers anything breakable so it’s not a good idea to ship such things either.

You can pay online with INTERAC or PAYPAL but if you choose to be late (Not paid by Saturday at 3pm) you will be invoiced $10.00 PER LOT for late fees and for larger items storage fees as well.

We do not make ANY exceptions for this rule and no we will not lend you money until you can pay for the item (Yes, people ask us to do that too!).

We never want to charge the late fees as we want all items to be paid for on time but… if you feel the need to be late please be aware that a $10.00 PER LOT late fee will be added to your invoice! NO EXCEPTIONS! If you can not make it in on time for whatever reason you can pay online with interac email money transfer or request that we send you a paypal invoice to pay online with credit card. Please do this BEFORE Saturday.

Invoices are generated after each lot closes. It can take up to 30 minutes after the lot closes to show on your invoice but a note above your invoice will tell you if you won anything that is not yet included on your actual generated invoice. If you are bidding on items this week please check your INVOICE page at least 30 minutes after the last lot you bid on closes just to make sure you have the correct total due. Not a bad idea to check your INVOICE page the following day to see if you won anything that needs to be picked up. If you do not see the item on your invoice then feel free to contact us but chances are you were outbid and just did not realize it in time. Emails are unreliable if you did not get a outbid notice or a won notice chances are the notice is in your spam/bulk email folder or your email provider blocked the email (yes this happens often) its best to monitor your bid status page and your invoice page on the website.

Email is UNRELIABLE at best. The system tries to send out emails any time you are outbid but at times emails get lost, sometimes they get delayed, sometimes spam/bulk filters block or miss file them… lots can happen. It is best to watch your auction items close Sunday nights or place a LARGER proxy bid so that the system can bid for you.

Yes, online we call this a PROXY BID. In the AMOUNT box simply enter a LARGER AMOUNT and the system will bid for you in 2.00 increments. Your bid amount will not jump up to the large amount unless someone already has a larger proxy on that item before you.


Bidder “A” will be shown as the current high bid at 3.00 as all auctions start at 3.00 (excluding currency and vehicle auctions) Bidder a will have a hidden proxy of 25.00.

if BIDDER “B” comes and places a bid of 7.00 the system will automatically give BIDDER “B” a outbid notice and instantly place a 9.00 bid for BIDDER “A” (Using the proxy to place a 2.00 bid) and BIDDER “A” will still be winning the auction now at 9.00.

If anyone paces a bid of 25.01 or higher BIDDER “A” will no longer be the winning bidder.

If the auction ends and the current bid is still 9.00 then BIDDER “A” will be awarded the auction lot for 9.00.

A: Simple… Someone bid more than 2.00 and you had a proxy bid.


Your bid must be at least 2.00 but any amount over 2.00 can be used.

Example: you are the first person to bid on a lot that starts at 3.00 and you decide to bid 15.00 as your max. You enter 15.00 and the auction says “you are winning this lot at 3.00

You have another 12.00 in proxy that only you know about so if some one bids 12.00 or less you would continue to win this lot.

The next bidder comes and bids but they must enter 5.00 or more as current bid is showing as 3.00 so they they can also add a proxy…

Say the other bidder wants a 15.00 max bid as well (same as you) but they smartly bid 15.01 (just in case the total proxy you have is a round number like 15.00).

If the second bidder entered 15.00 it would declare a tie and the first bidder would still be winning it and the runner up bidder would need to bid 2.00 more at this point (17.00)

….so by entering odd bid amounts (even a penny) you can actually save yourself the price of a coffee if you adopt this strategy.

Yes, we are human and we make them too. We really try not to as it usually causes a lot more work for us and we try to make it as fair as possible. We do not want upset bidders or consignors so these things are not good for the site or our customers so we will try our best to make everyone happy.

IF A LOT WAS LISTED WITH THE WRONG PHOTOS OR DESCRIPTION If we catch it in time we will remove the bad lot and let the bidders know what happened. If we miss it and it’s sold to two different people the winning bidder is under NO obligation to take the items if the photos or the descriptions do not match the actual items. Unless it is a lot where we have multiples (Sometimes with jewelry and new products we have or can obtain more of the same items from the consignors or suppliers) we will do our best to appease each bidder.

Most of what we sell is used goods so we would not have TWO the same to award to each bidder. so… If we accidentally put TWO lots with the SAME photos and the SAME lot numbers we will contact each winning bidder and try to resolve the issue fairly if no resolution can be made we will relist the item.

We contact both bidders and explain what has happened and ask if they wish to have a silent auction between them or have us put the auction listing back up. If both agree to have a silent auction the highest bidder takes it. if any disagree with the silent auction option we will relist the item in next week’s sale to be fair.

IF BOTH PARTIES IN A DISPUTE DISAGREE ON RESOLUTIONWe simply relist the item and apologize for our mistake. Putting up as many lots as we do each auction we are bound to make a mistake once in a while and boy are we embarrassed and apologetic when we do.