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You will be PRE APPROVED for all future auctions as long as your account stays in good standing with us.

We MANUALLY approve all new bidders meaning your account will not have instant access to bid but we will approve it very shortly. We approve new accounts as often as humanly possible.

IMPORTANT: We do not offer shipping this is a local pickup only and we sometimes to OFFSITE auctions as well so please take note of the pickup times.

Make sure your bidder name is UNIQUE if the system does not let you register it is most likely because your bidder name you have chosen has already been taken.

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NOTE: We do not ship anything, local pickup only on posted dates and times. Please check each week before bidding.
We do not use text messages at this time but we do have plans in the future to add this. If you wish you can include your cell phone number here and be part of the trial when we launch that feature. (Outbid and Invoice notices is our future plan)

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Our regular auction has two day pickups for Friday and Saturday in Barrie at our warehouse.  Off site auctions we will announce a time and place for pickup and give you further instructions if needed. For our warehouse auctions we can STORE small items for you and you pay for them online with any off site auctions everything must be picked up and no storage will be available.