What you may ask is a Chuck Buck!?  Did you find one of these in an auction lot?? Your a lucky bidder!  It’s a FREE DOLLAR TOKEN you can redeem or save up and redeem at a later date and the really lucky bidders may find a 25.00 gift card we hide once per week as well!  We are hiding 25 one dollar wooden chuck buck tokens each auction in RANDOM LOTS and in one lot we hid a 25.00 gift card as well also made from wood! 

Why WOODEN dollar tokens and WOODEN gift certificates??
They look like the old wooden nickels you would get at coin shows? Well that is exactly what they are its our modern take on a old school give away that no one really does anymore! Since CHUCK (Our mascot here on DGD’s) is a Beaver and beavers are known for making things out of wood it was only fitting to make the tokens made out of wood… but let me tell you that was harder than one would think!  We ordered a laser engraver, built it, learned how to use it and made our own wooden tokens and stamps.  Our 25.00 gift certificates are also wood and if you are really lucky you will find one in your stuff this week!  To increase your chances just win more lots!!

Yes, When you login to the website, visit your invoice page once a week, visit the live close page on auction close night, refer a friend to the website and even simply scroll though some auction listings each day you earn points just for using the website.  When you get 100 Points earned you get a virtual chuck buck… and they add up fast.  You get 10 points just for being a member here!

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Since were on the subject of beavers as mascots whats the deal with Chuck the Beaver anyway?
Since our website is “DAM” GOOD DEALS (DAM as in a beavers dam not the curse word) we made our logo “CHUCK” the beaver and we feel that is very Canadian of us to do that!!  We did not want to use the cuss word like that other version of DAM!  My grandmother would be mad at me if I ever did that she hated that word especially if you put a three letter works starting with G and ending with D with a big hole in the middle…   Boy she did not like that one bit… I can still taste the soap! And as for the name… Gil came up with it (Between you and me I don’t know if he realizes a woodchuck and a beaver are different animals).. Gil if you read this, Woodchuck is a what we here in Canada call a groundhog. Now back to the chuck bucks….

How to redeem your chuck bucks?
Just bring them in with you when paying for your items, they are worth a dollar each! You can use them for your auction winnings or anything from our second chance or bulk area.  Save them up and use them when your ready or use them one by one.  We just thought it would be fun and it’s something different.  We used rubber cement on the ones mounted on the cards, they should just peel off but we have not tested that theory yet. Usually when you use rubber cement the items will pull apart easily so lets hope that works out! If not with a title force it will come off the card and may take our logo behind the coin with it.  You do not need to keep the card just the wooden token

How do I get more Chuck Bucks now that I am collecting them… I need more!!!
We will RANDOMLY throw them in with lots when we are photographing the items for the auction so you may end up with a few or none at all…. it’s all random.  Win more lots and find more tokens! The item that sells for 1.00 may have a 25.00 gift card and the 400.00 item may not have anything at all. We do not pick and choose the lots by value or anything like that.

My Chuck Bucks all look different?
We HAND make them and experimented with some techniques! We have a few different styles. Some are made with stamps, some are laser etched some are burnt in with the laser we have tried all sorts of stuff.

No one really does stuff like this anymore and they should.  It’s fun and makes things more interesting plus we got to learn how to use a laser engraver and make cool stuff with it.  Here is one we made a using a stamp we cut out on the laser engraver. Since no two are exactly the same feel free to collect them too, maybe someday (80 years or more from now) someone will have one for sale in a local antiques shop! One can only hope!

So many people are interested in how we made the tokens, we use a laser engraving machine here is a quick video showing it at work. Takes about 1 hour to make 34 coins (Double sided)


What else can I do with my Chuck Bucks?

  • Give it to your friend or family member and introduce them to our website, effectively creating someone to bid against just for fun!
  • Show it off cause your friends and family do not have one and you do!
  • They make great cat toys!  I dropped one and the cat ran to it and looked like he was going to pick it up … silly cat you have no thumbs …all of a sudden the token is flicked up into the air the cat jumps up catches it in his teeth and runs away with it. Ran over to a box, placed in in a box and played with it.
  • Have a table that one leg is too short? A fridge that needs levelling? We got you covered! Use a chuck buck!
  • In a pinch they can help you start a fire as kindling so keep one in your pocket at all times
  • Ever need to measure something that is exactly 1.5 inches wide? BOOM you have a chuck buck in your pocket!
  • Target practice? Line holder on a public pool table? For luck! What you have never had a lucky chuck buck!

Disclaimer: If you burn, loose, mangle or destroy your chuck bucks they loose the value as a dollar token so we suggest using it for those things only in an emergency or for good wholesome recreational fun!