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If you just have a few items you wish to sell (under 10) you can bring them with you at your pickup time.  If you have more than 10 just contact us and we will arrange a time with you at the loading door and have some racks ready for your items. This just makes it easier for you and us doing it this way.  Thanks.

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The average LIVE auction gets 75 to 100 bidders out for a live auction event and that only lasts a few hours. With our online auction your items are displayed for at least a full week (sometimes longer with the upcoming preview) and we have hundreds of our bidders log in each week and place bids. We send out newsletters weekly and auction close reminders as well giving customers lots of time to place bids and review the items available each week.

Commission Rates

  • Our commission rate is just 30% commission (You can lot the items and give us descriptions or have us do this for you) we just ask that and damage, repairs or issues be mentioned upfront and items are clean and free from cigarette smoke smells and mold/mildew smells.
  • We charge a 3.00 listing fee for each lot. This covers the cost of the photographer and the labor to create the listings. Even if the lot does not sell the listing fee applies for each lot so please bring quality items that will sell for 15.00 or more so that we do not have to worry about lots that do not sell.


  • We always ask that you please only bring quality items and donate the broken or worn out low value items.
  • Stained items, Heavily Used, Repaired items, Dirty Items, etc.. are not good sellable items so we may pass. Also if we do not think the item will sell for enough we may adjust your lots or return your items.
  • Box lots and junk drawer lots are fine as long as they have potential to get at least 20.00 usually they have some neat items in them.
  • Please do not bring broken items that would be expected to work, a antique camera that no longer takes photos would be fine but a broken coffee maker or vacuum please just recycle that.  Bidders have 24 hours to test items, If the bidder takes the item home and finds it broken we will issue them a refund and you will owe the lost commissions so please test stuff first. Items should not be listed asis or as found unless they still hold value asis. A repaired items must be disclosed that it was repaired.
  • Please NO FURNITURE (Chairs or larger) without sending us a photo or speaking to us in advance about the item first to confirm we have room and confirm it is something we would like to sell here.



  • We do buy items and full estates but be warned we buy low.  You would most likely make more money just consigning the items to us for the auction as we will not take much risk.



  • Overwhelmed with an estate full of antiques or collectibles? We can help. We can give you estimates on prices for your items, help organize your on-site estate sales or come take photos and organize a online estate sale where we take care of it all for you.  We can also professionally appraise your estate for probate or so you know before you start to sell off items what the current market values the items for.



  • Please do not bring us knock off (unlicensed reproductions or forgery pieces).  For example is your purse says GUCCI and you bought it new for under 100.00 chances are it is NOT REAL (It could be and if you are unsure we can look at it for you but chances are it’s a knock off). Fake sunglasses, fake sterling that is stamped 925 but is plated, Fake purses and even fake scarfs are not only bad to sell but can also be illegal to sell so we will not knowingly sell a fraud/fake piece.



  1. Please DO NOT LIE or FIB on your descriptions if you choose to write your own. If your item is repaired, damaged (crack, chip, scratch, not fully working, etc) please mention it in the description and even if you have us write the descriptions please include notes on any issue that lowers the value of an item (scratch, dent, crack, repair, etc).  We will hold you to it.  The buyer has 24 hours to get it home and test it and inspect the item, if it is not working 100% or is damaged and the damage is not listed in the description they can bring it back and YOU the consignor will have to pick it back up and pay us for the lost commissions.
  2. Do not use terms like “RARE” or “SCARCE” or make claims to how valuable they are without being able to back it up. If you look online and find 100 of some item for sale it is not rare or scarce, if you find one of them that sold 10 years ago well that may be scarce. Remember just because someone else says its rare does not mean it’s rare.
  3. Grade of coins & bank notes. Unless the coin is sealed and graded by a reputable company the grade should only be a suggestion or none at all.  Say “Should grade as a AU or better grade” is fine but saying “This is a AU grade coin” is not ok.
  4. Please print your descriptions or type them and email them to us if you wish to supply descriptions, if your handwriting is too hard for the staff to read your descriptions will not be correct.  That is not good for you or us. You can actually send us a word file or email or just type your descriptions into a support ticket if you wish.
  5. Measurements and sizes. Your listings should have measurements or sizes if needed.  Rings can be sized here if you do not know, just ask when you bring the items in.  Objects like pictures and paintings, décor items etc… should have the size included (Inches preferably).



  1. We will take reserves on vehicles but no other items can have a reserve with us. Sorry it discourages return bidders and often the reserve price requested is full retail sale price and in that case your just better off selling the item privately.
  2. We start everything at one price 3.00 with the exception of Canadian and US currency. We start that at Face value as we sell lots of collectible bank notes and coins.  We can also help you sort coins and currency to get the best results for your sale.



  1. NO, This is called SHILL BIDDING and it is not permitted and our software does monitor for such things taking place. We have thousands of bidders so establishing fair market value is most certainly accomplished with each sale. Our contract clearly states that this is not permitted and anyone caught doing this will no longer be permitted to sell with us. Also the runner up bidder will receive the item at his/her amount BEFORE any shill bidding took place and the consignor will forfeit all revenue from the sale.  Please keep in mind we (the auction) are the ones facilitating the sale of your good and the purchases from the bidders. We work for both the buyers and the sellers and do not take sides.



For customers bringing items to us to sell for them please print the contract: [Click Here]

Any question please open a support ticket: [Click Here]