You may notice a new addition to our reception area. We have added this custom touch screen kiosk system with all custom software over the Holidays (December 2021) and it now has ALL the second chance items displayed on it. It is a touch screen system that is super easy to use, scroll through the items, click for larger view, read more info and of course ORDER any of the items you want. It lets you place items into a shopping cart, when done you click purchase items and on our counter computer your order will show up and print a invoice/receipt so you can pay for the items at the counter. Our staff can retrieve the items for you right on the spot and take them with you right away. The software is super easy to use, it will ask you for a name to appear on the invoice (optional) and just pay for your items by cash, debit or credit at the counter when done. We took the idea from the old consumers distributing where you go in, fill out the order form and the staff goes and gets your items… Kind of a modern take on a old way of doing things.

We hope everyone has the chance to check it out.