We look mostly for QUALITY antiques, collectables, collections, vintage and retro items, etc… Stuff we do not get in with the new product truck loads.

Low Volume new or used open box and general goods that are common liquidation items in the current market. Unless you are suppling factory sealed overstock or new in box tested and working full items in bulk we do not take these items as our current supplier delivers these in truckloads.  Full pallets of good salable factory sealed overstock or low volume factory sealed high value goods are welcome.

Things we do not take  (In Most Cases we always have exceptions).

  • Large Furniture pieces
    • Exception: 90+years old antique pine (but not buffets/Hutches)
    • Exception: Teak midcentury modern design
    • Exception: Art Shope Style or pop Culture style pieces (Shoe chairs, Egg chairs, Fiberglass chairs, etc..)
    • Exception: Antique item that is still collectable even when it has damage or wear
  • DIRTY ITEMS (Nothing sticky, gross, yucky.. please clean your stuff we will not clean your items for you) No Exceptions. When we do a full estate we do not clean anything either.
  • BADLY REPAIRED ITEMS (If we can see glue or the damage or crack chance are no one will want it)
  • REPAIRED ITEMS THAT RUIN THE VALUE (Glue a arm back on a limited edition porcelain figure it is worthless and we don’t want it even if you disclose the repair)
  • ILLEGAL WEAPONS (Gravity Knives, Guns, switchblades, buttery fly knives, tazers, pepper spray, num-chuks, single handed cross bows, throwing stars, etc..)
  • ANYTHING THAT REQUIRES A P.A.L. (Firearms License)
  • TAXIDERMY of Canadian domestic animals (Includes real fish, non shed antlers, turtles, etc.) NON DOMESTIC TAXIDERMY (excluding protected species) ARE FINE AS WELL AS FIBERGLASS FISH. Stuff like sea turtles and elephant tusks we will not sell. 
  • Eagle feathers (This includes native headdresses if they are authentic they may have eagle feathers and not permitted to sell or posses unless you are aboriginal and therefore we can not legally sell them)
  • FAKES (No ROLEX or other high end watches without an appraisal will be accepted), No fake purses (gucci, coach etc…) unless you can verify it is real with the original receipt.  If your not sure chances are its fake but ask us to review it before submitting it
  • USED Rechargeable Battery Powered Vacuums (including robot ones) unless a brand new battery is included or your guarantee it holds a full charge and give the consignor a full week to take it home a test it.  
  • USED Rechargeable Battery Powered weed eaters, lawn mowers, etc.  If you have a NEW battery for them and they hold 100% charge we will sell it but you must guarantee it holds a charge. To many get returned.
  • ITEMS MISSING VITAL PARTS. Non Vital parts please let the buyer know they are not included if they are expected to be included.
  • Firearms (Lots of angler hunter auctions exist specifically for that – we do not sell them)
  • Children (Baby) items that are not new factory sealed in box and have zero recalls. (It is Illegal to sell most used baby items in Ontario over 4 years and our insurance will not permit us to sell used baby items at all for obvious reasons) This includes Used Baby Cribs even antique ones for display only
  • Any USED safety device (kids or adults) as we can not verify it has not been in a accident.  Vintage helmets can be sold as collector items but must be disclosed that they are not to be used as a actual safety device.
  • Any device that requires a license to own or operate such as medial laser, ultrasound or other medial device.
  • Anything that is hazardous to humans. This includes Glass Fire extinguisher balls. Antique glass bomb balls used to put out fires. They are not illegal they are just really dangerous. Anything containing asbestos or VOC/Toxic chemicals etc.. 



  • Push button phones, cordless phones, vintage cell phones or business phone systems
  • Collector Plates (Unless they are solid sterling silver or steamship/hotel antique branded dinning room china or pewter).
  • Clothing items
    Exceptions are…

    • Vintage leather jackets,
    • Furs that are in extremely good condition no smoke smell or musty smell
    • Advertising jackets, rare or unique jackets
    • Brand new shoes in the box unworn
  • Books
    Exceptions are…

    • Hard cover military books
    • 100+ year old first addition books (especially signed ones)
    • Duck decoy books
    • Bird watching books (Canada/Ontario)
  • Broken modern electronics or password locked electronics
  • Vintage radios and antique radios must be declared not working and be in good cosmetic condition.
  • Vintage video game systems must say if they have been tested working or not
  • Junk Lots (Left overs from a garage sale for instance) if your going to bring some low value items that is fine as long as they have potential to sell but bring is some good stuff with it please we will not accept just a load of low value items unless its the middle of February and we dont have any consignments that are better (if you get what I am saying here)
  • The Club (Steering wheel anti theft devices)
  • Car Audio Head units & loose car audio speakers (We will sell boxes with speakers but they must work)
  • Laptop Bags, cell phone bags and brief cases (No one uses these anymore)
  • Anything moldy, musty or to smelly to sell (including very stinky moth ball smell, smoking or perfume) this smell of must is white or black mold and it spreads and irritates asthma making Chris and others sick here.
  • Amber colored art glass, depression glass or carnival glass
  • Clear glassware (Wine, Rocks, Highballs, etc… that are plain clear glassware)
  • Pianos that require two or more people to move. Electric ones are fine if they work
  • Crystal and Clear glass dish and stemware.  Exceptions at Christmas time nice crystal will sell, plain elegant decanter sets usually sell, some pedestal cake plates and EPAG goblets with beavers on them.
  • Music Organs (only exception is a hammond b2 with lesney speaker or something like a authentic vintage moog or rhodes stage organ)
  • 1980’s or newer hockey cards (Very few exceptions – Some rookie cards can be good)
  • 1970’s or newer baseball cards (Very few exceptions)
  • Basketball cards can be good these days so we will try your collection if you have one
  • Football cards do not sell well and most none sports card do not do that well. Looney tunes, star trek, etc.. do not usually perform well
    Some exceptions are…

    • Pokemon
    • Beatles
    • Magic the gathering
    • Special cards of basketball superstars graded
  • Used tents (pop up tents and 10+ person tents in near perfect condition are fine) no holes, smells or missing parts and we will consider it
  • Used air mattresses or used mattresses in general do not sell
  • Beds & mattresses unless brand new (Never used still in plastic) even most antique ones do not sell so we avoid them
  • Most single or ugly lamps (1950’s and some deco/artnew lamps are exceptions)
  • Used ceiling fixtures (fans & lights)
  • Low boy dressers (unless they are mid century teak and top condition)
  • Food products that are expired or open or low value
  • Untested modern electronics (You must guarantee the item is working to list it)
  • Used pots and pans and cooking devices such as grills (exceptions such as leCruset pots, cast iron pots with names on the bottom, etc.)
  • Bear and most animal traps (Illegal to sell in Ontario and some trappers traps require a license to possess the traps)
  • old video cameras or anything related to Beta/VHS or Floppy disk even laser disks and such are hard sells
  • CRT Tube TV or even Flat screen monitors or TV’s without hdmi connectors or any that are over 7 years old especially the heavy ones as the modern ones are super light weight.
  • Treadmills and other work out machines (They sell but they take up way too much room)
  • anything that its sole purpose it to be a weapon.
  • Single handed crossbows are illegal in canada two handed ones and compound bows are legal and we can sell them
  • Pellet guns that shoot under 475 fps are permitted anything higher requires a PAL so vintage pump action ones are fine.

… and 100’s of other items we have not added yet so please do not be offended if we refuse an item you bring in or group it with one or more of your other items.